Internet Amusements That Give You Sleepless Nights

The Internet does not just serve lofty purposes like providing free knowledge for all those who seek it or making communication with virtually anybody around the globe faster and more convenient. The Internet has a fun side too, and a rather addicting one that keeps you glued to your computer for hours and hours.

Social Media Networks

Everybody is on Facebook, which is probably the most famous website address among teens in the world today. It is the only place where you won’t be dubbed insane for talking to a wall. Twitter is more casual where everybody just tweets about virtually anything that comes to mind with the secret hope of somebody joining in on the conversation. Many teenagers are addicted to social media networks and even adults often find themselves mindlessly scrolling through their timeline for hours. The most amusing part about social networking sites is that they are the perfect and ultimate stalking tools. You are now updated with what everybody is doing, including your ex lover, that cheerleader classmate that you hate and you find yourself often with too much information like how constipated your best friend is today or how much somebody hates her mother. Instead of facing their problems, they “Facebook” it. Make ups and breakups are public announcements, every woman is now a model and statuses are filled with hidden innuendoes secretly meant to spite others.

Also, everybody is now an entrepreneur through Facebook, without the needed working capital.  Now you can have a flea market online and sell your junk to your friends. However, it is hard to quit the Facebook mania because you are most likely already a part of it. In fact, studies show that Facebook and Twitter are just as addicting as drugs and alcohol.

That Awkward Corner of YouTube

Here you are on YouTube, minding your own business, browsing through videos and listening to some music. Then somehow you stumble upon a link of a cat video, and next thing you know, you’ve been watching pet videos for the past three hours. Without realizing it, you somehow ended up in that awkward corner of YouTube. Whether it’s watching cats on a treadmill, dogs taking a poop or babies laughing, you somehow just can’t quit playing one video after the other. One of the most famous and hilarious cat videos entitled, “I’m a Stupid Cat” for instance has more than 8 million views and the song of which now sells on iTunes. Some people get so obsessed with pet videos and other fun, awkward videos that they download an entire collection to their seedbox and happily wait for their download to complete.


Although accessed through your mobile phone, Instagram has taken the world by storm with millions of people uploading pictures of their food and pets every day. Pictures of sunrises are fairly common, as well as vain photographs of wannabe models in their fleshy clothes and dainty skirts. Instagram is an addiction as much as it is a nuisance to some, as it reflects the utter vainglory and narcissism of the human race. You also find so many random pictures posted here from streetlights to advertisements on where to buy Kratom capsules. You are so acquainted with seeing Instagram photos appear on your Facebook and Twitter timeline that when Instagram is actually down, you begin to wonder how everybody’s pets are, if your friends have eaten and if the sun did indeed rise this morning (pun intended).

9Gag and other Just for Laughs Sites

9Gag and other image-based sites are the number one source of entertainment for many people today. You want to have a good laugh, visit one of those sites. 9Gag itself receives a whooping 1 billion visits per month! It has come to a point that 9Gag has become a culture, with youngsters even following 9Gag talks, memes and incorporating their jokes into their daily existence (Talk about Internet addiction).

Other Internet Musings

The Internet is indeed a powerful searching tool and you can virtually find everything you need, from choosing the right wedding dress to the right trust deed Scotland. And don’t we just all love to read a heated argument in a forum about the most ridiculous topic and when someone has no good comeback, they start to act as grammar police and attack the grammar of the opponent? Or that feeling that you get when you see a current picture of Macaulay Culkin and realize that you are freakishly old already considering Home Alone came out in 1990? Or how you find the most random answers to your problems from how to make a man or woman like you to finding the right company to handle your PPI claims? The Internet is full of strange, addicting and delightful musings and it is most definitely one of the greatest technological inventions in all of history. Don’t get too hooked though and remember to have a life in the real world as well!